Over the last decade, Ibiza has become one of the most desirable islands in the world on which to buy a property. A dream that continues to grow due to its worldwide fame as a tourist destination, the beauty of the island, its hedonistic spirit and a mild climate that allows you to enjoy it all year round. If you also dream of having your own paradise in Ibiza, make it a reality with the peace of mind that you are opening the door to a safe investment.

After the slowdown caused by the pandemic, the buying and selling market in Spain has soared, especially thanks to the operations carried out by foreign buyers who wish to invest or acquire a second home at a lower cost than what they would find in their countries of origin. Ibiza has not gone unnoticed by this profile of investors, as well as by national buyers with high purchasing power in search of attractive destinations from which to telecommute and spend long periods of time.

A market on the rise: don’t let your home in Ibiza slip through the cracks

Within the national market, Ibiza and Formentera have become one of the most desired and dreamed-of purchase targets for investors. In fact, and according to Tinsa published in May this year, the value of housing in the Pitiusas Islands has multiplied 5.5 times since 1998, rising from an average of 691 €/m2 to an average of 3,833 €/m2 in the first quarter of 2022. And there are no indicators warning of a slowdown in demand; quite the contrary. Both Ibiza and Formentera are associated with the luxury segment, with a strong presence of foreign investment, which in both cases marks a different dynamic to the rest of the national market, and even compared to Mallorca and Menorca.

The Dutch passion for Ibiza

These figures encourage you to make your dream of owning a property in Ibiza come true, knowing that you are on the safe side, whether you are buying a flat, a single-family home or a luxury development. Whatever your dream Mediterranean retreat, you will have the peace of mind of making the right investment in a destination with strong international demand. Today, foreigners already account for half of all property sales in Ibiza, with Germans and Dutch being the main foreign buyers. In fact, in recent years there has been a kind of passion for Ibiza among Dutch nationals, many of whom decided to visit the island in the wake of the 2013 blockbuster film Verliefd op Ibiza (Loving Ibiza). In addition to the Germans and Dutch, there are also French, British and Americans, with a growing interest in shopping in the Balearic Islands thanks to the new New York-Palma de Mallorca flight.

A dream with its feet on the ground

With all of the above, you will have no doubts about the security of your dream of buying a home in Ibiza and having at your fingertips the enjoyment of one of the most special corners of the Mediterranean, a dynamic, cosmopolitan, fun and energetic island where you can live in the Mediterranean style, enjoying all its virtues: short distances, organic and zero-kilometre food, a wide range of quality gastronomy, natural surroundings of great beauty, numerous sporting activities, a vibrant nightlife that is constantly evolving, air connections with national and international airports… The good Mediterranean life behind the door of a dream with your feet on the ground.